Being elected to represent you in the NSW Parliament is an incredible privilege and it’s a job I take very seriously. The electorate of Coogee is an amazing place to live and work, and it’s my job to keep it that way, whilst always trying to find new ways to make it even better.

In July 2000 I was elected to Randwick City Council where I served for twelve years, including two years as deputy mayor and two years as mayor. Randwick Council had a shocking reputation back in 2000, so I’m very proud of the contribution I made in changing its culture and making it into one of NSW’s leading and most awarded councils.

When I was elected to state parliament in March 2011, NSW was in dire straits; its credit rating was on the brink of collapse and unemployment was the highest in Australia. The NSW Government had to make some difficult and unpopular decisions, but through incredibly hard work has returned prosperity and stability to our state. I’m proud to be a part of that change, and I know that we haven’t got it right every time. I’ve publicly stated my opposition to proposed legislation which I believed was not in the interests of Coogee or of NSW, and I’ve have had success in changing several policies before they were tabled in parliament.

There have been some great wins here in the Coogee electorate. The commitments I made in the 2011 and 2015 State Elections are being fulfilled; they weren’t empty promises on glossy paper designed to get your vote.

Randwick Public School will soon have ten new classrooms and an enlarged playground; Rainbow Street Public School will have an extra 20 new classrooms, with almost the entire school being rebuilt. Both projects will be completed and ready for students at the start of term 1, 2019.

The Prince of Wales Hospital rebuild will start in the second half of 2018. The $720 million project will provide a new Accident and Emergency Department and an acute clinical services building on Botany Street, Randwick, connected to the clinical core of the hospital at the centre of the campus.

And of course, the Eastern Suburbs CBD Light Rail project, which despite its problems has made amazing progress in our area, with light rail vehicles already being tested along Alison Road. Few major infrastructure projects, such as this one, are without a few hiccups and they cause enormous inconvenience during construction, but I remain confident the light rail will be a huge success.

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