First steps

If you feel like you have been wrongly issued with a parking fine or need more time to pay, you should first contact the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) to discuss the matter. They can be contacted on: 

  1. Visit the State Debt Recovery Office's (SDRO) website at
  2. Phone the SDRO on 1300 138 118

If after contacting the SDRO you are unhappy with the outcome or assistance provided, please do not hesitate to submit a request by clicking here and my office will be happy to be of assistance.

What happens after I've contacted the Coogee EO

Once your correspondence has been received, your fine will be placed on hold and will be sent to the Minister for Finance, Services and Property's office for consideration and review. 

This review can often take eight weeks or more depending on the complexity of the issue.

Once this review has taken place, a response will be sent to you either via email or by mail advising of the outcome.

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